What Can Taverna Productions Do for You?

Hire us for professional video productions and more

Are you a New York business owner? Would you like to motivate your customers to utilize your products and services?

Taverna Productions is a full-service video production company. Our in-house video team can make your vision come to life by creating amazing visuals and compelling storylines. We enjoy helping our clients meet and exceed their marketing and advertising goals. Let us show you what we can do for you!


We'll take your company's story to the next level

Are you ready to make videos a part of your company’s overall marketing plan? Taverna Productions can help! We’ll use sights, sounds and emotions to introduce prospective clients to your products or services. We can create a compelling TV commercial, advertisement or viral video for you. We’ll handle every stage of the process, including:

Pre-production | Production | Post-production

We can create sleek whiteboard animation videos, too!


We'll capture your event's best moments

Choose the top-tier video crew at Taverna Productions to capture your special event. After all, there’s only one chance to get it right! We’ll take flawless video of your conference, seminar, sporting event or show. We also offer online streaming and archiving, allowing people around the country to watch your event.


We'll help you soar above the competition

Taverna Productions offers aerial video services for commercials and events. Using our high-tech drone, we’ll capture amazing 4K-quality video. Your jaw will drop when you see the results!

Call 716-228-8128 to learn more about our world-class video production team.